ABOUT.  I'm currently a senior at the University of Iowa. I'm majoring in Informatics (Human-Computer Interaction) and minoring in Psychology and Computer Science. I've taken (and liked!) classes on networking + security, HCI, visualization, cognitive and scoial psychology, machine learning, philosophy, and artificial intelligence. I like reading up and keeping up on those topics, which is most of my literature lately.

Outside of academics I like all kinds of art; in particular visual, sculpture, and interactive arts. I think Computer Assisted Design is really nifty, and 3D modelling/printing are casual hobbies. I have a distant interest in gardening and would like to see more art incorporating plants, but that's for another webpage. It may come at no surprise that my favorite movie is Ex Machina or Blade Runner. For TV I like nature docs and comedies.

I'm a ranner of cross country and Track + Field for my University. I bike mostly instead of running, I find you can nerd out much easier with bikes than shoes. My brother and I are hockey fans.


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